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Far Fetched Fables No. 97 Siobhan Carroll, M.K. Hutchins, and Amy H. Sturgis

March 8, 2016 by Gary Dowell

Flash Fiction: “Genie from the Gym” by M.K. Hutchins

(Originally published at Daily Science Fiction.)

First Wish:
I wasn’t stupid. Someone had abandoned that lamp in the gym locker room for a reason. I thought about just wishing to lose weight, but the genie might vaporize my arm or something to meet that requirement. So I wished that I could lose weight.

Overnight, chocolate disappeared from the world. Anyone attempting to bake cookies would open their ovens to find cold, crisp slices of cucumber.

M.K. Hutchins is the author of the YA fantasy novel Drift and numerous short stories. She often draws on her background in archaeology when writing. Find her at mkhutchins.com.


A Look Back at Genre History with Amy H. Sturgis: “The Demon of Brockenheim; or The Enchanted Ring” by Anonymous (part two)

Amy H. Sturgis holds a Ph.D. in Intellectual History and specializes in the fields of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Native American Studies. She lives with her husband, Dr. Larry M. Hall, in the foothills of North Carolina, USA. She can be found online at amyhsturgis.com.

A pdf copy of “The Demon of Brockenheim” is available on Amy’s blog.


Main Story: “In the Gardens of the Night” by Siobhan Carroll

(Originally published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #74.)

In the open court they call her Nakshedil, “Embroidered on the Heart,” as the prince does. But in the shadows they call her “the Great Whore” or “the Viper,” and they watch her with narrowed eyes. She is beautiful. Nobody can deny that, though there are many beautiful concubines in the palace and many who are less ambitious than Nakshedil. But when she dances, she is more than beautiful. Even those like me, who wish her dead, cannot help but love her a little.

When not globetrotting in search of dusty tomes, Siobhan Carroll lives and lurks in Delaware. She is a graduate of Clarion West, the indefatigable OWW, and the twin ivory towers of Indiana University and U.B.C. Her fiction can be found in such magazines as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Realms of Fantasy, and Lightspeed. Sometimes she writes under the byline “Von Carr”. Both versions of herself firmly support the use of the Oxford Comma. For more, visit voncarr-siobhan-carroll.blogspot.com.

About the Narrators:

Chris Lade is a Leipzig-based orchestral conductor, pianist, and English teacher by day, and an avid reader by night. When not doing either of the four, you can usually find him listening to music, reading classical music blogs, riding his bike, or trying to cook something Italian in his kitchen. Life goals include motorcycling through Europe on a Triumph Bonneville, and owning a Bernese Mountain Dog, preferably at the same time.

Katherine Inskip weighs galaxies for a living, and builds worlds in her spare time. She is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles.


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