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Far Fetched Fables No. 62 Andrew J. McKiernan

June 23, 2015 by Gary Dowell

Story: “Calliope: A Steam Romance” by Andrew J. McKiernan

Her voice is of a host angelic, but fallen. Her every breath breeds melodious paeans that tear at my soul — in ways both tender and cruel — and I weep with pain and joy to hear them. For, as surely as Eros struck Apollo and Daphne, am I so sorely wounded by her song. But be that barb of gold or lead? Ah, now therein lies the tale.

I first saw her down at the Quay or, more rightly should I say, I heard her…

Andrew J. McKiernan is an author and illustrator from the Central Coast of New South Wales. First published in 2007, his stories have since been short-listed for multiple Aurealis, Ditmar, and Australian Shadows awards and reprinted in a number of Year’s Best anthologies. Last Year, When We Were Young, a collection of his short stories, won the 2014 AHWA Australian Shadows Award for Collected Work.

He can be found online at andrewmckiernan.com.

About the Narrator:

Kenny Park is is a video editor by trade, but having trained and worked as an actor, director and writer, he maintains it’s all just storytelling. He’s been involved with Starship Sofa since the early days of Tony and Ciaron, filming their interview with the legendary Michael Moorcock in Paris, and he still does narrations and wee video intros when Tony can pin him down.

New artwork this week is courtesy of Daniel Kamarudin and is called Shyvana. Daniel lives in Brunei and specializes in fantasy-based concept art and illustration, but is flexible with the subject matter. Kind of a mysterious guy, but an absolutely kick-ass artist! You can see more of his art by going to his Facebook page or following these links: thedurrrrian.tumblr.com and danielkamarudin.artstation.com.


  1. Thank you so much to Kenny Park. Your voice fits the piece perfectly.

    • That’s a relief, Andrew: always worried that the author doesn’t like it. Great story, so thank you.

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