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Far Fetched Fables No. 43 Pamela Sargent

February 10, 2015 by Gary Dowell

Story: “Spirit Brother” by Pamela Sargent

The flat land below him was white, the color of purity and luck. Jamukha flew in the form of an eagle, feeling the wind under his wings. The steppe and mountains had also been covered by snow on the day he had first met Temujin, the companion and comrade in arms who had later become his greatest enemy.

But all of that had happened when he was a boy, years ago, in the world of the living.

Pamela Sargent has won the Nebula and Locus Awards and was honored in 2012 with the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award, given for lifetime contributions to science fiction and fantasy scholarship. Her many novels include Venus of Dreams, The Shore of Women, The Golden Space, The Sudden Star, and The Alien Upstairs.

About Ruler of the Sky, Sargent’s historical novel of Genghis Khan, told largely from the points of view of women, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has commented: “Scholarly without ever seeming pedantic, the book is fascinating from cover to cover and does admirable justice to a man who might very well be called history’s single most important character.” The Washington Post has called Sargent “one of the genre’s best writers,” and Michael Moorcock has said of her work: “If you have not read Pamela Sargent, then you should make it your business to do so at once. She is in many ways a pioneer, both as a novelist and as a short story writer. . . . She is one of the best.”

Sargent is the editor of the Women of Wonder anthologies, the first collections of science fiction by women. Her novel Climb the Wind, set in the United States after the Civil War, was a finalist for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History, and her novel Earthseed has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. Melissa Rosenberg, the scriptwriter for all five Twilight films, is set to write and produce the movie through her company Tall Girls Productions.

Her next novel, Season of the Cats, will be published in 2015 by Wildside Press.

Her personal website is www.pamelasargent.com.

Visit her Open Road Media page at www.openroadmedia.com/pamela-sargent

her SF Gateway page at www.sfgateway.com/authors/s/sargent-pamela/

and her page at Tor/Macmillan at us.macmillan.com/author/pamelasargent


About the Narrator:

Pete Nixon is a full-time programmer and full-time student. He is the editor and producer for Green Eggs and Horror, a Dr. Seuss-inspired short story anthology. He narrates and writes in his spare time, because he doesn’t believe in normal hobbies.


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