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Far Fetched Fables No. 147 Philip A. Suggars

February 28, 2017 by Gary Dowell

This Week: “Dependent Assemblies” by Philip A. Suggars

(Originally published in Interzone #262.)

“Purity of blood, purity of spirit. One nation united by the river, one nation united under the sun” – Elias Rojas presidential campaign slogan, Buenos Aires 1894.

Alfonso and Marcelo were cold and tired as they shovelled the dirt onto Celia’s small body in the shallow grave. Alfonso dared himself to look down, catching a glimpse of her porcelain fingers and the yellowing heads of the freesias that they had buried with her in the garden. He wanted to cry, but all he felt was an aching numbness in his fingertips.

A sudden play of spotlights above the cloud announced the arrival of an ornithopteron. The monolithic black moth burst through the grey canopy that covered the city and flapped low over their house, bellowing a hunting call so deep it throbbed in Alfonso’s chest.

Philip A. Suggars is a British writer with a single yellow eye in the middle of his forehead and a collection of vintage binoculars. His work has appeared in the Guardian, Strange Horizons, Persistent Visions Magazine, and Interzone, and has been performed for Starship Sofa and the London chapter of the Liars’ League. He was winner of the short story award at the Ilkley Literature Festival, (judged by Man Booker long-lister Jane Rogers) and runner-up in the James White Award. He lives with three hairless primates and an imaginary cat. Visit him at philipasuggars.com or follow him on Twitter: @felipeazucares.


About the Narrator:

Seth Williams is the avatar for a three-kilometer sentient starship that is parked (probably uncomfortably) close to the third planet. Surprisingly, he has not yet been discovered. He is very happy that the inhabitants have discovered enough technology to that he can communicate in this limited fashion. Any communications can be directed to theboojum.org.


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