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Far Fetched Fables No. 143 Cyril Simsa and Lynette Mejía

January 31, 2017 by Gary Dowell

Flash Fiction: “Connection” by Lynette Mejía

(Originally published at Daily Science Fiction.)

The magician wobbled a little on his bar stool.

“Ask me what I did for a living,” he said. Somewhere deep inside of him a small voice was shouting to shut up, that he sounded like a fool, but he ignored it. His plane was likely delayed until morning, anyhow.

“I already know what you are,” she answered. Her pale skin seemed to shimmer a little in the murky atmosphere of the bar. He liked the way the dim light played on her features, rendering half of her in shadow.

“And what is that?” His words were slurred. Was this his fourth whiskey, or his fifth?

“You’re a magician,” she said, as if it were obvious.

Lynette Mejía writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror prose and poetry from the middle of a deep, dark forest in the wilds of southern Louisiana. Her work has been nominated for the Rhysling Award and the Million Writers Award. You can find her online at lynettemejia.com.


Main Story: “Starspawn” by Cyril Simsa

(Originally published in Albedo One.)

The first time I saw Starspawn was in 1985. January or February, I expect. Perhaps early March. This was back in the days when British law still forbade the hoi polloi to dance on a Sunday. Really. People forget, it was a different century. There were still bombsites from the Second World War in the poorer parts of town, and London Underground was still running trains from the 1930s. David Lynch shot The Elephant Man on location at Paddington station, and it was no problem. Think about it.

Cyril Simsa was born and raised in London, and for a while pretended to study zoology, though in actual fact he rarely left the obscurer regions of the university library and has rarely come closer to doing any real science than various holiday jobs at the Natural History Museum. Since 1992 he has lived in Prague, where he shuffles students around the borders of the former Austria-Hungary and does his best to avoid the fate of his near-namesake in the Kafka story. He has been hovering on the fringes of the SF world for much longer than is really sensible, and has contributed reviews and articles to a wide variety of genre publications such as Foundation, Locus, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, and Wormwood. His story credits include Darkness Rising, Here & Now, StarShip Sofa, The World SF Blog, and Electric Velocipede. His short story collection Lost Cartographies: Tales of Another Europe (Invocations Press, Brighton, 2014) is available on Amazon and via select genre retailers.


About the Narrators:

Chris Lade is a Leipzig-based orchestral conductor, pianist, and English teacher by day, and an avid reader by night. When not doing either of the four, you can usually find him listening to music, reading classical music blogs, riding his bike, or trying to cook something Italian in his kitchen. Life goals include motorcycling through Europe on a Triumph Bonneville and owning a Bernese Mountain Dog, preferably at the same time.

Andrea Richardson is a British singer and actress. With extensive stage and film performances to her name, she began narration and voiceover work in 2014 but enjoys using her existing skills in a different way. You can find Andrea at andrea-richardson.co.uk and on Facebook.


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