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Far Fetched Fables No. 188 H.L. Fullerton

“Too Poor to Sin” by H.L. Fullerton (Originally published in Mysterion.) Grandfather squandered our family’s fortune on forgiveness, forcing Father to enlist in the Legion and serve the angels. This was before he met Mother and they had me, though the angels’ war still rages.  Father doesn’t say much about his years of service, except that it […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 187 Samuel Marzioli

“Penelope’s Song” by Samuel Marzioli (Originally published in The Third Spectral Book of Horror Stories.) Penelope gazed through her bedroom window, mesmerized by the motion of the night. Flowers trembled, grass ruffled and trees swayed, flailing their branches. The sight of it unsettled her. In fifteen years she hadn’t learned much about the world, but she did […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 186 Michael Rimar

“Avarice” by Michael Rimar (Originally published in Darwin’s Evolutions.) Shadow blocked the glare of Uttum’s twin suns. Saleem looked up at the source, a man dressed in robes pale as bleached bone. “Offering for the poor?” Saleem kept his tone weak and pitiful, offering his wicker basket to the stranger. “I have more than offerings for […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 185 Greg van Eekhout

“In the Late December” by Greg van Eekhout (Originally published in Strange Horizons.) Here’s a secret of the North Pole: Santa powders his hands with talc before donning his thick red mittens. It is a small secret, true, but some would give anything to steal even that. A secret is a detail, and here in the late […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 184 Russell Hemmell

“M” by Russell Hemmell (Originally published in Not One of Us.) We look like them, Christian thought, admiring the fresco in the charnel house and its ghastly figures, scary and eerily beautiful. He adjusted the heavy cloak over his shoulders. The evening was damp and cold, and he was tired after a whole day on the move. But […]

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