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Veronica Giguerre

Far Fetched Fables No 1 Jedediah Berry and Fritz Swanson

First Story:  “To Measure the Earth” by Jedediah Berry

Spring 1890

Roel got out of bed before the fireflies had quit their nighttime signaling. He took his hat from the bedpost, strapped on his wooden right leg, and went downstairs to stoke the fire. Netta had never been able to sleep through the thudding of her husband’s leg on the steps, and the steps creaked, each one. She threw the covers aside and went to the kitchen to make their breakfast of blood sausage and buckwheat cake.

Jedediah Berry is the award-winning author of The Manual of Detection. His short stories have appeared in Conjunctions, Ninth Letter, Tor.com and Chicago Review, and in anthologies including Best New American Voices and Best American Fantasy. He teaches in the Written Arts Program at Bard College.  Visit http://thirdarchive.net/ for more details.

Second story: “For the Love of Paul Bunyan” by Fritz Swanson

She was tender. Soft as a sand dune after a windstorm.  Back in the before days, she would wake up and stretch those  arms out across the sky, her left hand arched over Baffin Island, her right curled up under her jaw, her elbow casting a swaying shadow over the Jack Pine Forests of Saskatchewan.

Fritz is a contributing editor at PRINT Magazine, the nation’s oldest graphic design magazine. He teaches creative writing, essay writing, and literature at the University of Michigan. His writing has appeared in The Believer, Best American Fantasy, McSweeney’s, Mid-American Review, Esopus, and The Christian Science Monitor.  Visit http://fritzswanson.com/ to see more!

Narrators: Veronica Giguerre and Peter Cavell

Veronica “V.” Giguere is a voice artist and author whose work can be heard on a wealth of podcast fiction magazines, fullcasts, and audiobooks across genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and steampunk. She is the narrator and producer, as well as one of four co-authors, of the Secret World Chronicles podcast novel series, currently in its seventh season. Along with Cedric Johnson, she has recently podcast Broken, an inner-city cyberpunk story involving boxing, medical technology, and coffee. When she isn’t bringing the voices in others’ heads to life, V. masquerades as a mild-mannered academic whose specialties include first-year student success, learning strategies, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  You can learn more about her and her voicing projects at http://www.voicesbyveronica.com.

Peter Cavell is a writer of speculative fiction, playwright, composer, sound-artist, and performer. He lives with his wife and son in Toronto, where he teaches musical improv at The Second City. For details on his projects and adventures, check out www.petercavell.com.