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Michael Cadnum

Far Fetched Fables No 3 Sherwood Smith and Michael Cadnum

First Story: 

“Commando Bats” by Sherwood Smith

When I was young, aging women were interchangeable. Ugly, slow, annoying with their unwanted opinions. It seemed impossible that I’d ever be one. The first proof that the universe has a sense of humor? I’m half of one.

Sherwood Smith began writing novels about another world when she was eight, and began sending laboriously typed novels out to publishers when she was thirteen. When nothing had sold by the time she was twenty, she figured she needed to learn something about writing, and so went to college, lived in Europe, came back to get a double BA in German and History, did graduate work in history, worked in Hollywood, got married, started a family and became a teacher. When she tried again to sell in her mid-thirties, her first project was one of those old teenage books, Wren to the Rescue, which sold to Jane Yolen Books and came out in 1990. She lives in Southern California with her family. She is an active member of Book View Cafe, a writers’ consortium.  Visit http://bookviewcafe.com/bookstore/about-book-view-cafe/  or http://www.sherwoodsmith.net for more information.

Second story:

“Medusa” by Michael Cadnum

Sharp-eyed Athena passed among us in those days.

From shore to hilltop, little was lost on her. She was quick to spot someone attempting an unwise deed, a youth walking along the rim of a well–showing off to a maiden–or a young woman flirting with a grinning brigand just arrived on a wine ship from Samos.

Michael Cadnum is the author of thirty-five books, including the National Book Award finalist The Book of the Lion and his most recent novel Seize the Storm.  He lives in Albany, California.  Visit www.michaelcadnum.com for more details.


Summer Brooks and Nicola Seaton-Clark

Summer enjoys putting her scifi media geek skills to good use in booking guests for Slice of SciFi, as well as using her extensive tech skills to make sure all of the geek entertainment found on the Slice of SciFi family of websites keeps humming along. She is an avid reader and writer of scifi, fantasy and thrillers, with a handful of publishing and voiceover credits to her name. Her dream is to someday write and produce a TV series or miniseries adaptation of her
favorite yet highly-underrated story series. Summer spent many years as a Unix sysadmin and competing in amateur full contact kickboxing tournaments before moving into entertainment media production and WordPress website design. These days, she maintains the Slice of SciFi websites, and co-hosts and produces several other shows, including The Babylon Podcast and Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, and does voiceover and narrations for StarShipSofa and Crime City Central
among others. Next on her agenda is writing an urban fantasy epic, and B-movie monster extravaganza.  Check out her websites http://www.kickassmysticninjas.com/ , http://www.babylonpodcast.com/ and http://www.sliceofscifi.com/ for more!

Nicola Seaton-Clark lives in the wilds of (almost) Eastern Europe with her long-suffering husband, phenomenal children and a grumpy cat. Trained as an actress and singer, she has worked in entertainment for over 20 years and currently splits her time between writing speculative fiction, helping her husband run their voice-over company, Offstimme, and voicing everything from commercials and documentaries to public transport announcements.  She also hosts this podcast…..