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Amal Al-Mohtar

Far Fetched Fables No 15 Rachel Pollack and Amal El-Mohtar

First Story: “Jack Shade in the Forest of Souls – Part 2” by Rachel Pollack

Jack Shade, known in varied places and times as Journeyman Jack, or Jack Sad, or Handsome Johnny (though not any more), or Jack Summer, or Johnny Poet (though not for a long time), or even Jack Thief, was playing Old-Fashioned Poker. That was Jack’s name for it, not because the game itself was antiquated—it was Texas Hold Em, the TV game, as Jack thought of it—but because of the venue, a private hotel room, comfortable, elegant even, yet unlicensed and by private invitation only, in the age of Indian casinos no more than a few hours drive from anywhere. ….

Rachel Pollack is the author of 35 books of fiction and non-fiction, including Unquenchable Fire, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and Godmother Night, winner of the World Fantasy Award. Rachel’s books have been translated into fourteen languages, and are sold all over the world. Rachel’s most recent work is The Burning Serpent Oracle, co-created with Robert M. Place. Her new novel, The Child Eater, will be published by Jo Fletcher books in England in July, 2014, and the U. S. in Spring of 2015. You can visit her website at www.Rachelpollack.com

Narrator:  Larry Oliver

Larry’s voice is often described as: warm, engaging, storyteller-like, believable, the guy next door; yet it can be professional, authoritative and quite sarcastic. It can be very character-like and quirky, with many different distinct character voices. His natural voice is clear, clean and articulate, with a “near-neutral” American accent. Larry’s training provides to him acting skills and self-directing skills, yet he takes direction very well. Larry’s dialects include: Appalachian, Southern US Seaboard, refined Southern, Hillbilly, Texas Drawl, West TX, Colorado/cowboy, General UK, Scottish Brogue, Irish, Middle-East, East Europe/Russian/Yiddish. His training and ‘honing-the-craft’ are continual, with award winning luminaries such as: Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, Hillary Huber, Bob Deyan, Marc Guss, Edge Studio to mention BUT A FEW: Larry enjoys: reading, hiking, yoga, Zumba, and cooking. Oliver has narrated several audio books available on audible, Amazon and iTunes, narrated documentary films done commercials, corporate training videos and much more. Go and take a listen at soundloud.com/revilo1951


Second story: “Night of the Goblin Girl” by Amal El-Mohtar

Gobdolyn was pretty, in the way that goblin girls were, which is to say, a manner too profound and esoteric for human understanding. She had strong, splendid teeth and pleasantly kept fangs which locked in a shapely fashion over her green lower lip; her thick and exquisite hair was a corn-silk blonde that fairly blossomed from her head to her ankles, her bosom to her belly, her back to her bottom, and between her generously proportioned green toes.

Amal El-Mohtar is the Nebula-nominated author of The Honey Month, a collection of poetry and prose written to the taste of of twenty-eight different kinds of honey. Her work has appeared in multiple venues online and in print, including Strange Horizons, Apex Magazine, Mythic Delirium, Stone Telling, and most recently in Lightspeed magazine’s “Women Destroy Science Fiction” special issue. She is a member of the Banjo Apocalypse Crinoline Troubadours performance collective, and edits Goblin Fruit, a web quarterly devoted to fantastical poetry. She lives in Glasgow with her partner, a harp, and two jellicle cats. Find her online at amalelmohtar.com.

Narrator:  Sarah Frederickson

Sarah Frederickson was born in Oregon in the United States, and was raised in beautiful Minnesota. At a young age she realized her passion for musical performance and the creative arts. Sarah spent most of her childhood singing and acting – both onstage and off – and affecting various accents for fun.

She soon found herself competing in local, state and national forensics competitions (that’s competitive speaking). Her experience and awards landed her a forensics scholarship to Bethel University in St.Paul Minnesota, where she continued to compete as well as train other speakers at the collegiate level. Sarah graduated with a degree in Music business and Audio Production. Shortly after graduation she traveled to Australia for a one-year holiday. During that time she became smitten with an Australian man who asked her to stay, and four years later the couple live and work in Australia, going on adventures, writing music and reading stories to their cat.