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Far Fetched Fables No. 150 Matthew Hughes

This Week: “The Inn of the Seven Blessings” by Matthew Hughes (Originally published in Rogues.) The thief Raffalon was sleeping away the noon-day heat behind some bracken a short distance from the forest road when the noise of the struggle awakened him. He rolled over onto his stomach, quietly drawing his knife in case of need. Then […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 149 Laurence Raphael Brothers and Alex Shvartsman

“The Temple of Thirteen Pleasures” by Laurence Raphael Brothers (Originally published in The Sockdolager #3.) “I’m sorry to summon you like this, Countess” said Marcus apologetically. We were sitting together on a divan in his townhouse drawing room. Lord Cyprian’s heir was dressed in a deep crimson suit so dark it was almost black, with a ruffled […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 148 Ed Ahern

This Week: “Caveat Emptor/Caveat Venditor” by Ed Ahern (Originally published in Silver Pen.) As warlocks go, Harald was a failure. Even though his curses were vigorously evil, and his pitches quite logical, he almost always lost the business. Harald partly blamed his sex. Most internet advertising for spells and curses came from witches. Those seeking vengeance or […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 147 Philip A. Suggars

This Week: “Dependent Assemblies” by Philip A. Suggars (Originally published in Interzone #262.) “Purity of blood, purity of spirit. One nation united by the river, one nation united under the sun” – Elias Rojas presidential campaign slogan, Buenos Aires 1894. Alfonso and Marcelo were cold and tired as they shovelled the dirt onto Celia’s small body in […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 146 Michael M. Jones

“Sea of Strangers” by Michael M. Jones (Originally published in Inscription.) There was a weird vibe in the halls before first period today. As I made my way towards homeroom, weaving between people with experienced ease, I picked up a thousand different emotions– everything you’d expect from a building packed to the gills with hormone-ridden teenagers and […]

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