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Far Fetched Fables No. 185 Greg van Eekhout

“In the Late December” by Greg van Eekhout (Originally published in Strange Horizons.) Here’s a secret of the North Pole: Santa powders his hands with talc before donning his thick red mittens. It is a small secret, true, but some would give anything to steal even that. A secret is a detail, and here in the late […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 184 Russell Hemmell

“M” by Russell Hemmell (Originally published in Not One of Us.) We look like them, Christian thought, admiring the fresco in the charnel house and its ghastly figures, scary and eerily beautiful. He adjusted the heavy cloak over his shoulders. The evening was damp and cold, and he was tired after a whole day on the move. But […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 183 Paul R. Hardy

“Customer Service Hobgoblin” by Paul R. Hardy (Originally published in Unidentified Funny Objects 5.) Beeep. “Good morning, you’re through to Robin. How may I receive your prayer?” “Oh. Hello? My name is Bishop Augusto de Figueroa. Am I speaking to God?” “No, sir, my name’s Robin. How can I –“ “Well, young man, I wanted to talk […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 182 Karen Traviss

“The Man Who Did Nothing” by Karen Traviss (Originally published in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror: Seventeenth Annual Collection.) Hursley Rise, May 2 There was a boy – five, maybe six – sitting on half a discarded mattress by the kerb as Jeff drove down the road. At first he thought the child was trying […]

Far Fetched Fables No. 181 Judith Field

“Psychopomps” by Judith Field (Originally published in The Colored Lens, Summer 2014.) Mark’s next door neighbour and business partner Pat kept telling him that power flowed through his veins. He took a breath and closed his eyes, trying to will the power back out again and into the ash wand in his outstretched hand. He pointed it […]

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